Interactive, collaborative learning and sustainable skill transfer. That's what we do. 

We work with clients to: 
  • Map their unique sales process
  • Identify core sales skills
  • Identify key sales activities
  • Build training around skills and activities
  • Assure training transfer
  • Grow management and coaching skills
  • Leverage technology to drive success

Sales success is contingent not only on the salesperson’s ability to establish a personal sales relationship, but also the ability to understand how the sales process will unfold. 

We offer a parallel development process that includes both personal sales skills and sales process skills. Learners are fully trained, closely monitored and supported, and take-off speed is reached more quickly.

For the duration of the relationship we become a member of your team. We collaborate, we don't dictate. After an initial planning meeting clients receive a Project Plan that includes goals, objectives, participants, metrics and do-by dates.

You get a better understanding of how to train and support your entry-level sales personnel, access to research and articles to guide on-going development and a fully customizable online sales management support application that you own.