What we'll need --
  • A room with a whiteboard
  • Your designated sales managers
  • Two or three successful salespersons
  • Open minds
What you'll get --
  • Identification and definition of the core technical skills
  • Identification and definition of key personal selling skills
  • Flagging which skills are most important to which stages of the sales process
  • Consensus on how sales skill are best transferred to new employees
  • Roadmap for training new employees

Researchers have identified the ability to establish trust as a key element in sales success, and have identifieded a variety of skills necessary for building trust, including: a salesperson’s cognitive understanding of the importance of trust; the ability to read situations and understand and adapt to a customer’s buying motives; demonstrating expertise; and understanding that relationships develop over time.

Each sales interaction must be viewed in terms of its history and its anticipated future.